del Palacio Psychologist Aarhus
About Me

About me

I am a  Mexican psychologist trained in Canada with international experience. I have lived in Denmark for almost 9 years.

I am happy to offer a highly qualified psychological service in English to the international community in Aarhus and surrounding area.

  • I am registered as a "psychologist" (psykolog), which is a protected title in Denmark,  with the Danish Supervisory Board of Clinical Practice (Psykologn√¶vnet).

  • I obtained a combined MA/Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of New Brunswick, Canada where I lived nearly eight years. Doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Canada are among the top ranked in the world, because of their rigurous training in clinical skills and in-depth doctoral education over several years (six in my case).

  • As part of my training I recieved over 200 hours of direct supervision across two years of clinical work, before I started practicing alone. A high standard to ensure competent clinical work. 

  • I have been personally trained by world-leading experts in the treatment of anxiety and emotional disorders, such as Dr. David A. Clark. After my doctoral education, I have continued to further my clinical training by attending workshops by Dr. David Barlow (transdiagnostic treatment), Dr. A. Mennin (emotion regulation therapy), and Dr. Emily Holmes (mental imagery). 

Previous Experience

  • I have worked primarily in public settings, and I have also worked in private practice. I have worked with clients in the entire spectrum of psychological suffering, ranging  from mild transitory emotional distress to severe mental illness. These are examples of some of the presenting problems I have worked with:
      • Developing general coping skills to handle life stressors and changes in living conditions (e.g., significant financial change; relationship loss)
      • Crisis counselling
      • Structured and targgeted psychological treatment for diagnosable disorders, such as panic disorder, social anxiety, phobias, generalized-anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and dysthymia, supportive/adjunct therapy for bipolar disorder.
      • Counselling for foreign individuals adjusting to a new culture
      • Assessment of a wide variety of psychological issues, such as memory and cognitive functioning, intelligence, monitoring of patients with dementia, personality, psychiatric diagnosis, etc.

Other Current Work

I currently work at Aarhus University as an associate professor, and thus my psychological practice is part time. I have conducted research on personal memories and their relationship to emotional processes, and symptoms of anxiety and depression. I am currently involved in projects examining the use of substances, as well as treatment for substance abuse. If you are curious about my research work, you are welcome to read more under Publications.

Multicultural Aspects in Therapy

Thus far, I have worked in therapy with clients from Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, UK, Iran, Lebanon, and China. I have also worked with bi/multicultural Danes.

Having  been an immigrant myself (of two countries), has provided me with an insight of the many challenges that immigrants (e.g., expats) face when moving to a new country.

In addition, for the last 15 years every aspect of my life (private, social, and professional) has been multicultural. I see myself as someone sensitive to cultural differences, and I embrace diversity.