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Fees for Individual Therapy:

1. Standard: 1030 kr, 55 min 

Get a 6% discount if you pay for 5 sessions in advance

2. Reduced fee,  10-15% discount:

Individuals who belong to one of the following groups may qualify. 

      1) Has been unemployed in DK for 12 months or more

      2) Has a referral from a doctor to see a psychologist. I do not have a "ydernummer" (I am not covered by the publica system), but I offer a reduced fee based on severity/urgency.

      3) PhD students.

      4) Regular clients  (after 12 sessions)

Contact me for further details and verify whether you qualify.

3. Youth rate: 770 kr, 55 min  

Ages 16-24 


Therapy Hours:        Tuesdays & Wednesdays

                                                          17:00 - 20: 00 hr


Payment Methods:

1. Cash

2. MobilePay

3. Bank transfer (Danish accounts):

RegNr  9004   KontoNr   1120417661

4. TransferWise (non-Danish accounts): 

     IBAN   DK6890041120417661

The best way to reach me is via email or by completing the form below. You can expect to get a very quick response. I work part-time in the office. Therefore I cannot answer the phone regularly. However, if you have questions about the service, I can make a brief call to you before booking your first appointment.   

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